The Iraqi's Foreign Language Acquisition and Arabic as a Foreign Language

  • Hasan Gurbuz Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education, Tishk International University, Erbil/Iraq
Keywords: Foreign Language Acquisition; Arabic as a Foreign Language; Language Curriculum


Although decades have passed on language teaching techniques, foreign language teaching is still a subject that does not fall off the agenda and does not lose its originality. It is a fact that there are prejudices against foreign language learning among nation-state citizens or that they have no interest in learning a foreign language. The Iraqi state is in geography where dozens of nations live, and different languages are spoken, and although it is a nation-state, it does not have a mass of people who are closed to foreign language learning like the people of America, England or Turkey. Along with this fact, it is also true that there is a minimal audience that looks at foreign language learning with cultural prejudice. This article focuses on foreign language acquisition in Iraq, language acquisition of children and adults, and the position of Arabic as a foreign language.

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Gurbuz, H. (2022). The Iraqi’s Foreign Language Acquisition and Arabic as a Foreign Language. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 5(7), 344-352.