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The journal may target scientists, researchers, professors and students from social sciences and humanities research to publish articles that contribute significantly to the body of knowledge. Each issue also contains a large and valuable book review section. Therefore, the journal is published in both print and online versions. IJSSRR&nbsp;accepts submission of mainly four types: Original Articles, Short Communications, Reviews, and Proposals for special issues.</p> <p>The&nbsp;IJSSRR&nbsp;is published bimonthly and the online version is free access and download.</p> <ul> <li class="show">Open Access</li> <li class="show">High visibility</li> <li class="show">Retaining the copyright to your article</li> </ul> Main Factors of Lack of Economic Development in Afghanistan 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Ahmad Jahid Haidari Mohammad Jamshid Furogh Mohammad Omer Kunduzi Gulaqa Aanwari <p style="text-align: justify;">Afghanistan has lost its economic, social, and political infrastructures during almost four decades of war. The huge damages are seen in traditional administrative and legal systems that failed in economic development. This is a qualitative study, which aims to find and address the main factors of the lack of economic development in Afghanistan. Lack of economic development recognition requires comprehensive study, and limitations of national literature and data are the key problems that researchers normally face. Despite all obstacles, the current review study tried to explain the determinants of development in Afghanistan and utilized well-known academic resources, like books, articles, and prestigious websites.</p> 2023-01-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Investment Diversification In Improving Investor Resilience: An Experimental Approach on Various Investment Platform 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Nurul Azizah Siti Ning Farida <p style="text-align: justify;">The pandemic phenomenon encourages the acceleration of the application of digitalization in various sectors. Technological developments play a role in providing added value for business organizations to produce more effective, efficient, fast and agile performance.&nbsp; Investment diversification is needed so that investors remain resilient to uncertainty or rapid environmental changes that affect the investment value. Based on dynamic capability theory, digital transformation is a trigger for the creation of dynamic capabilities and is an innovation process of enterprise integration. Ambidextrous capabilities of an organization include exploitative innovation and exploratory innovation. The experimental approach,&nbsp; will try to analyze various types of investment platforms to find out how they compare in each of the different investment platforms. Quantitative method was used to determine the level of influence of digital transformation on ambidextrous innovation both exploitation&nbsp; and exploration , and the influence level of ambidextrous innovation on personal resilience. The experimental research process was conducted by distributing questionnaires to obtain primary data. The collected data was analyzed using smartPLS. The results of this study indicated that the hypothesis H1a&nbsp; and H1b has a P value of 0.000 so that it is proven to support the existing hypothesis. Then the P value H2a&nbsp; and&nbsp; H2b can be accepted and supports the hypothesis.&nbsp; The third hypothesis H3 with a p value of 0.030. Based on the five hypotheses, the result shows the most significant and strong influence in influencing the variable ambidexterity of innovation is digital transformation.</p> 2023-01-30T16:47:16+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Application of Title 45, Chapter 22 of the Laws of 2009 Relating to Supporting Facilities for the Implementation of Traffic and Road Transportation 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Al Farizi Khalisah Khalisah <p style="text-align: justify;">Road traffic and transit safety, security, order, and smoothness depend on supporting facilities and infrastructure. This empirical study analyses and explains the execution of Article 45 of Law Number 22 of 2009 on supporting facilities for commuters and drivers in Prabumulih City and its barriers. Based on Study and discussion, Article 45 of Law Number 22 of 2009 addressing supporting facilities for commuters and drivers in Prabumulih city is still inedequate due to the lack of bicycle lanes and disabled facilities. Streets merchant still misuse walkways. The implementation of Article 45 of Law number 22 of 2009 in Prabumulih City is hindered by inedequate supporting facilities and infrastructure due to the lack of funds for transportation infrastructure, weak enforcement against misuse of sidewalks into street vendors; people crossing the road without using zebra cross, or overpasses, and the bus stop not being used for passenger boarding and embarkation.&nbsp;</p> 2023-01-30T16:57:16+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Use of Lexical Units Related to Food Names 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Manzura Normatova <p>This article provides information about linguistic concepts of national dishes and some of their types, their etymological characteristics, examples found in the text of the epics “Malika Ayyar”, “Bahrom and Gulandom”.</p> 2023-01-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Ability of Deaf Students in Internalizing Ecopreneurship Values 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Gusti Yarmi Marja Marja Yulia Elfrida Yanty Siregar Vina Iasha <p>Universitas Negeri Jakarta as a tertiary institution providing inclusive education through a special service unit provides several programs. In the form of a superior program instilling soft skills and hard skills. This study uses a descriptive qualitative method by integrating the value of entrepreneurship in the Education Innovation course. The strategy for developing an entrepreneurial interest through the lecture process begins with mapping the characteristics of course participants, syllabus, and teaching materials by the IQF level 6 standard which describes learning outcomes based on a predetermined student entrepreneur profile.</p> 2023-01-30T17:41:35+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Criminality of Domestic Violence: Frequency, Protective Measures and Legal Treatment according to the Legislation of the Republic of Kosovo 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Alban Kryezi <p style="text-align: justify;">The concept of domestic violence includes those actions that are taken against a family member, affecting the well-being of normal functioning by causing fear and exercising control. The purpose of the paper is to provide summarized data regarding domestic violence based on current theories provided by various studies. The paper also aims to analyze the legal treatment of this crime, including the punishments for the perpetrators as well as the protective measures against the victim. The criminal offense of domestic violence has marked a significant increase in cases, including light bodily injury, which has marked a relatively slight increase. Contempt of the court constitutes the third criminal offense which within the three-year period has also marked a relatively easy increase. The criminal offense of assault has marked a marked decrease in terms of prevalence during the discussed periods, while the remaining offenses such as threat, grievous bodily injury, child abuse or abandonment, as well as violating family obligations have not had any noticeable change in terms of their spreading.</p> 2023-01-30T17:46:30+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Factor Affecting Firm Value with Profitability as an Intervening Variable in Food & Beverage Sub-Sector Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Irwanto Irwanto Yusuf Ronny Edward Sauh Hwee Teng <p>This study aims to examine and analyze the Firm Value of food &amp; beverage sub-sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The variables tested include Liquidity, Capital Structure, and Firm Size with Profitability as an intervening variable. The method used in sampling is purposive sampling. The data used is secondary data obtained from the official website of IDX, namely and the official websites of each company. The data collection technique is a documentation study with the type of data, namely secondary data. This research uses the Partial Least Square data analysis method. The data analysis tool used Partial Least Square. The results showed that Liquidity has a negative and significant effect on Firm Value, Capital Structure and Profitability have a positive and significant effect on Firm Value, Firm Size has no effect on Firm Value. Liquidity has a positive effect on Profitability, Capital Structure and Firm Size have no effect on Profitability. Profitability is not able to mediate the influence of Liquidity, Capital Structure, and Firm Size on Firm Value.</p> 2023-01-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Stress in the Bank: Impact on Employee Performance 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Issah Iddrisu Abdul-Rauf Abdulai <p style="text-align: justify;">In the past decade, Ghanaian banking subsector experienced transformations, including trimming and innovations. Due to the changes, workers are anticipated to work additional time to meet the needs of customers. The changes that occur in the banking sector can cause stress among employees and influence their execution or output. The intent of the study was to gauge the triggers and the after effects of job trauma and burnout on workers performing in the banking subsector. Two hundred staff from six banks was sampled for the study. The study conducted the analysis using Pearson correlation and regression. The study argues that two dominant factors, including time strain and role opacity have a pessimistic and substantial sway on employee employment output. However, workload and paucity of incentive do not have any considerable sway on worker performance. The study recommends that management should set up counselling departments or units within banks and recruit experience psychologists to offer counselling to staff.</p> 2023-01-30T18:14:09+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Foreign Experience of Calculating Salary of Retirement based on Working Experience 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Nuriddin Rakhmonov <p>In this article, the experiences of foreign countries, the analysis of their practices, the features of improving the pension system of our country, based on these foreign experience will be discussed.</p> 2023-01-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ASEAN Defense Industry Collaboration (ADIC): An Assessment of Potential Strategic Benefits for Indonesia Defense Industry 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Nadia Aurora Soraya Jonathan Ernest Sirait Fiorentina Nulhakim <p style="text-align: justify;">The need to maintain sovereignty as well as increase military strength among ASEAN countries became the main aspects in the formation of the concept of collaboration between defense industries. It is anticipated that through this partnership, ADIC will be able to promote the growth of industrial and technological strength among ASEAN member states. The emergence of forming defense industry collaboration was driven by the fact that most of ASEAN member countries are still major importer of defense industry products. However, ASEAN states have many challenges in implementing defense industry collaboration. Not only disparities in the economic field, but also social culture and diplomatic relations between ASEAN countries themselves determine the success of ADIC implementation. This paper reviews the potential strategic benefits of the formation of ADIC for the Indonesian defense industry and outlines the obstacles faced in its implementation.</p> 2023-01-30T18:39:12+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Social Media and Election Campaigns: An Analysis of the Usage of Twitter during the 2021 Assam Assembly Elections 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Pratysush Paras Sarma Tanaya Hazarika <p style="text-align: justify;">Election campaigning in India shows increasingly more sophisticated and widespread use of digital technologies like mobile phones and social media platforms, including Twitter for broadcasting messages and WhatsApp for creating political communities. Political parties hire workers to work for their social media campaigns, generally spreading negative campaigns about their opposition and glorifying their own agendas. At the same time, parties have mobilized campaign strategies around the personality of the leaders. Accordingly, Indian politics mirrors existing trends in western democracies, but these changes in election campaigning have occurred later and for many Indian voters, seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Hence this study may pave the way to gain a comprehensible understanding of the parties’ dominant political ideologies and identities, and especially the various issues that they may focus upon. It uses theories of professionalization, and social media campaigning for the 2021 election campaigns of the two dominant parties in Assam, an Indian state with more than 30 million residents. Primarily the study will try to explore the role of Twitter in the election campaigning process in the state of Assam. It will use qualitative content analysis to categorize the dominant techniques used by the two dominant political parties of Assam and finally percentage analysis will be performed to churn out the dominant issues used by the two political parties on Twitter. By analyzing the dominant issues this study also tries to explore which party was able to use Twitter significantly and how its role as a political communication strategy was effective.&nbsp;</p> 2023-01-30T19:22:51+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Satisfaction and Working Environment as Determinant Variable of Workers’ Performance Mediated by Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) 2023-02-04T09:50:29+00:00 Devi Aviyanti Kumala Sari Endang Suswati Sugeng Mulyono <p style="text-align: justify;">Public service quality is determined among other by to what extent workers’ performance is optimal for the institution. Some factors that may influence workers’ performance are, among other, working satisfaction, working environment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). Objectives of research are to examine influences of working satisfaction, working environment and OCB towards workers’ performance; to examine influences of working satisfaction towards workers’ performance through OCB; and to test working environment influence towards workers’ performance through OCB. Research population was state civil employees of Batu Local Educational Service. Number of sample was determined with saturated sampling technique so that all 44 members of population became sample. Data were collected with questionnaire directly distributed to respondents. Data were analyzed with SEM PLS. Research result concluded that: 1) working satisfaction, working environment and OCB positively and significantly influenced employees’ performance; 2) working satisfaction significantly and positively influenced employees’ performance through OCB; 3) working environment positively and significantly influenced employees’ performance through OCB. Therefore, the improvement of employees’ performance could be done by increasing working satisfaction that was accompanied by conducive working environment and by strengthening OCB.</p> 2023-01-30T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Influence of Organizational Resources on Implementing Strategic Plan in the Tanzanian Public Universities 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Mohamed Habibu Mohamed <p style="text-align: justify;">Organisation resources allocated for the implementation of strategic plan (SP) has made Public sectors to make good use of the precious information depicted in the SP document. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of organisational resources in implementing SP in Tanzanian public universities with reference to financial, human and physical resources. The study employed descriptive statistics whereby quantitative and qualitative approaches were applied. The data collection used were questionnaire and in depth interviews. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistic while qualitative data were analysed using content analysis. The study finding revealed that lack of organisational resources&nbsp; act as an obstacle towards the implementation of SP no matter how good SP it is.&nbsp; To ensure implementation of SP&nbsp; in public universities specifically at the University of Dodoma (UDOM) it is recommended that more fund should be injected to implement university activities, sufficient infrastructures should be expanded and university should always focuses in hiring and motivating human resources for the better attainment of SP objectives.</p> 2023-01-30T20:04:11+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Imposing Restorative Justice Sanctions on Online Loan Users Who Commit Criminal Fraud and Compensating Online Loan Victims Through Alternative Dispute Resolution 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Warmiyana Zairi Absi Martini Martini Rusniati Rusniati <p style="text-align: justify;">The interesting thing that can result in criminal penalties is that the director can be held accountable for all company operations in carrying out the business of producing and/or trading goods and/or services that do not correspond to the promises stated in labels, etiquette, descriptions, advertisements, or sales promotions of goods and/or services. The Republic of Indonesia Law No. 19 of 2016 (RI Law No. 19/2016), as amended by Law No. 11 of 2008 Concerning Electronic Information and Transactions (RI Law No. 19/2016), states that anyone who intentionally and without authorization or in a way that is against the law modifies, reduces, transmits, destroys, deletes, transfers, or hides electronic information and/or documents that belong to another person or to the public domain is still in violation of Chapter 32 (1). Article 32 paragraph (1) of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2016 which was last amended by Law Number 11 of 2008 Concerning Electronic Information and Transactions (RI Law No.19/2016) which confirms that every person intentionally and without rights or in a way against the law in all ways to change, add, reduce, transmit, destroy, delete, transfer, hide an Electronic Information and/or Electronic Document belonging to another person or public property.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Early Diagnosis of Structural and Functional Changes in the Heart with Metabolic Syndrome: A Relationship with Insulin Resistance 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Khidoyatova M.R. Nabieva D.A. Sultanova M.Kh. Berdieva D.U Mirkhamidov M.V <p style="text-align: justify;">Despite the fact that the relationship of metabolic syndrome (MS) with structurally functional changes in the heart is well established, the role of metabolic disorders, the main of which is insulin resistance (IR), is not completely defined. The role of IR in the development of coronary disease (CD) against the background of MS requires further study, IR plays, elucidation of predictors of functional heart disorders. The aim of the research is to study the effect of IR and metabolic disturbances on early structural and functional changes in the heart in patients with MS and to evaluate the course of coronary disease in the presence of MS.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Investigation of Investor-State Arbitration Problems in Afghanistan 2023-02-05T10:48:44+00:00 Nezamuddin Nikzad Gulaqa Anwari <p style="text-align: justify;">The main purpose of this research is to explain and identify the major Investor-State Arbitration (ISA) problems in Afghanistan.&nbsp;Afghanistan's government is committed to providing legal security for the resolution of foreign investment disputes. The dispute resolution system's assessment is very important for foreign investors because they pay special attention to the dispute resolution system and consider it a criterion for their investments. This research will be the first comprehensive study about the Investor-State Arbitration problems in Afghanistan. In the writing of this research, the library method has been used. To extract reasons, laws, books, articles, and reliable scientific sources have been used. Afghanistan is a good market for foreign investment because it has good investment opportunities in different sectors. Foreign investors can choose the easiest and best mechanisms, such as arbitration in their contracts to deal with disputes. But the resolution of foreign investment through arbitration has some problems, and sometimes foreign investors are facing challenges with the settlement of their disputes through arbitration internationally and domestically in Afghanistan.</p> 2023-01-31T10:19:46+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Psychological Impact of Handling Case of Sex Violence in Children 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Martini Martini <p style="text-align: justify;">Sexual violence is a new event caused by the rapid flow of globalization. Sexual violence actually happens to children. Children who are supposed to be the next generation of the nation, whose rights are protected and protected by law, actually become victims of sexual violence. The data shows, victims of sexual violence against children show an increase every year. This has a big impact on the development of children. The method used in this research is by way of literature study and qualitative descriptive analysis. Based on the results of the research, the researcher found the factors causing the crime of sexual violence, namely internal factors and external factors. In addition, the psychological impact arising from sexual violence is also very large, namely traumatic feelings to PTSD, psychological illness with fear disturbances to an extreme sense of helplessness. The psychological impact arising from sexual violence must be immediately detected and given appropriate treatment so as not to interfere with the child's development process in the future.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Legal Protection of Trade Secret from the View of Civil and Criminal Law 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Atika Atika <p style="text-align: justify;">Indonesia has ratified the WTO/TRIPs Agreement convention and is in full compliance and non-reservation, the insistence of developed countries’ owners of Intellectual Property Rights against Indonesia, and the need for national Intellectual Property Rights. By looking at the above, legal protection is needed for every product and service, especially licenses for trade secrets in the Intellectual Property Rights component. The state imposes criminal sanctions on violators of Trade Secret rights as stipulated in chapter 17 (1) constitution number 30/2000. However, it is also hoped that the act of imposing sanctions by the state will return to the interests of the protected party by making the crime a complaint offense chapter 17 (2) constitution number 30/2000. There are repressive legal actions that can be carried out as chapter 11 constitution number 30/2000 states that the holder of trade secret rights or the licensee may sue anyone who deliberately or without rights commits the actions referred to in the article in the form of (a). Compensations claim and/or; (b). Cessation of all actions referred to in chapter 4 constitution number 30/2000.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Major Contribution of Haji Muin to the Development of the Jadid Press 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Khalim Saidov <p>In the article, are studied the creative activity of publicist and editor Haji Muin Shukrullaev, a brilliant representative of the jadid movement in Turkestan at the beginning of the 20th century, including the various publicist works and the essence of the publications he edited.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Designing an Android-Based “Digital Library Batik Tegal” Application 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Naifah Khairunnisa Imtiyaz Wesnina Nawimar Ataswarin Oetopo <p style="text-align: justify;">Inventory and documentation efforts as an effort to protect and preserve craft products, to provide an informative function for batik industry players, students, tourists, and the wider community can be done with a digital library. This research was conducted to design an android-based application which displays information about Tegal batik motifs in the android display of the application related to the initial display (home), a brief history of Tegal Regency, maps of Tegal Regency, the development of Tegal Regency typical batik, 400 kinds of motifs Tegal batik with its philosophical meaning, and the distribution of batik business actors in Tegal Regency and equipped with an audio explanation of the philosophical meaning of batik. The Tegal Batik Digital Library application was developed using the Flutter framework with the Dart programming language. In this study we used the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method with a Waterfall method. This research produces an android application called “Digital Library Batik Tegal” which can be used by batik industry players, vocational students, and the general public. Application testing conducted by media experts showed good results, where in Black Box testing all features ran as they should.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fiduciary Collateral Object Execution Mechanism Post Constitutional Court Decision Number 2/PUU-XIX/2021 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Khoirul Anwar <p style="text-align: justify;">Fiduciary guarantees have existed in society since the Dutch colonial era because of the flexibility of objects that can be burdened with fiduciary guarantees, the more there is a need for legal certainty over fiduciary guarantees. The Fiduciary Guarantee Act (UUJF) requires registration of the imposition of fiduciary guarantees. Registration is carried out at the Fiduciary Registration Office with a working area covering the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia and is within the scope of duties of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to obtain a fiduciary guarantee certificate. The fiduciary guarantee certificate contains the head of the decision which is interpreted as having the power of execution, so that the execution can be carried out immediately without going through a court and is final as described in Article 15 paragraph (2). In practice, this article often becomes a polemic in the community, causing acts against the law and even criminal acts when the fiduciary recipient wants to execute the fiduciary guarantee. After the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 2/PUU-XIX/2021, in its decision, it redefines Article 15 paragraph (2) and paragraph (3) of the UUJF. This decision is an explanation and confirmation of the previous Constitutional Court Decision Number 18 /PUU-XVII/2019. This study will discuss the power of administering fiduciary guarantees after the Constitutional Court Decision Number 2/PUU-XIX/2021. With the research method using a statutory (normative) approach, as well as a conceptual approach, it is concluded that the execution clause in the fiduciary guarantee certificate does not change, only as a legal consequence arising from the decision of the Constitutional Court number 2/PUU-XIX/2021, namely the mechanism for implementing the guarantee certificate execution. Fiduciary is carried out by equating it with the mechanism for implementing the execution of a court decision that has permanent legal force (incracht), if the guarantor does not voluntarily surrender the object of the fiduciary guarantee under his control. In addition, there must be an agreement between the parties regarding the default. And in the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 2/PUU-XIX/2021 as an explanation and confirming the multiple interpretations in the public of the previous Constitutional Court decision, that the execution of a fiduciary guarantee certificate through a court decision is an alternative that can be taken in the event that there is no agreement between the creditor and the the debtor, both in relation to default and the voluntary surrender of the object of guarantee from the debtor to the creditor. The default clause must be specified in the principal agreement or in the fiduciary guarantee certificate.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Strategy for Accelerating the Mastery of Defense Technology in the Procurement of Dassault Rafale Combat Aircraft 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Taufik Budi Cahyana Achmad Wardana Hudoro Tahdi Y.H. Yogaswara <p style="text-align: justify;">The selection of the Rafale was based on the defense relationship between Indonesia and France which had existed for a very long time, besides that, it was also based on the foreign policy adopted by Indonesia, namely the free and active policy shown by several defense equipments owned by Indonesia, not only from a certain country. In this case, it is hoped that Indonesia will not depend on the procurement of defense equipment from abroad and the implementation of Transfer of Technology, Local Content, and Offsets on Rafale fighter jets can run as expected, therefore a strategy is needed in accelerating defense acquisition, where there are three strategies, namely First is the reform of the defense acquisition system and procedures through a single executor directly under the Minister of Defence; The second is the integration of defense R&amp;D institutions in the Ministry of Defense and all R&amp;D forces into the R&amp;D Agency and the Defense Technology Quality Assurance Agency; The third is improving the quality of the Defense Acquisition Agency's human resources through a transparent and accountable recruitment process. The contract agreement for the procurement of Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft should also carry out defense acquisitions by sending (human resources) (HR) to study and apprentice in the developer industry. In addition to HR offsets, an offset scheme for the production of aircraft components in Indonesia is also needed by the national defense industry.</p> 2023-01-31T18:32:14+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of TikTok FYP Video 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Prabawati Nurhabibah Hetilaniar Hetilaniar Bernadus Wahyudi Joko Santoso Rustono Rustono <p style="text-align: justify;">This study contains the presentation of the results of critical discourse analysis on the FYP TikTok video which has now turned its function into a hedonistic lifestyle on an account with the initials TI because it displays a 10-second video with a description of you being married, I who are supported. This research has a basis for visually analyzing FYP videos on tiktok. This study uses a semiotic approach with the main focus on multimodal which includes linguistic, visual, audio, and body gestures aspects. Based on the results of the analysis, the sentence can represent that she really likes and enjoys her situation that even though she is not married to someone's husband, she still gets 'subsistence' or money. For that, she thanked his wife that she had let her husband provide for her needs. She also thanked her husband that she was very happy to have been given what she needed.</p> 2023-01-31T18:45:06+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Employee Satisfaction of Ten-Year Service Awardees in One Private Philippine University 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Jake M. Laguador Alexander A Gonzales <p><em>Employee Satisfaction is a complex and multifaceted concept which can mean different things to different people. This qualitative research utilized the responses of eight (8) service awardees with 10 years length of service to the university through open-ended questions. Result showed that work-life balance is what made the employees last longer in the company while human relationship is one of the sources of satisfaction and positive work environment can enhance the employees’ work experience. Interpersonal relationship is considered an important aspect of immaterial satisfaction. Cognitive development is the most evident aspect of personal and professional development. Health and financial security are what employees still wanted to ask from the institution to make them more satisfied. The findings of the study may be utilized by the institution in strengthening its program for human capital development to have more engaged, satisfied and productive employees. </em></p> 2023-01-31T20:23:44+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Ratio Legis of Legal Differences between Ad Hoc and Career Judges in Indonesian Corruption Courts 2023-02-04T09:50:27+00:00 Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Madjid Nurini Aprilianda Prija Djatmika <p style="text-align: justify;">Corruption is a severe problem for every country in the world. This is related to the modus operandi and the impact of corruption that can destroy the economic order of a country. Realizing the consequences of corruption, we need extraordinary treatment in coping with corruption, one of which is by establishing an anti-corruption agency. This provision is adopted in Indonesian law in Law No. 46 of 2009 concerning the Corruption Court which was established based on the provisions of Article 35 of Law No. 30 of 2002 concerning the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and based on the decision of the Constitutional Court No. 012-016-019/PUU-IV/2006 dated December 19, 2006. However, in the provisions of Article 1 and Article 10 of Law No. 46 of 2009 concerning the Court of Criminal Acts of Corruption, a provision distinguishes the legal position between ad hoc judges and career judges, which limits the principle of independence of judicial power, especially for ad hoc judges. This legal research used normative juridical approach. The data used were primary and secondary data which were analyzed using quantitative method. It was found that, first, the Corruption Court was established because of public distrust of the general court which examines and decides on corruption cases, low verdicts, non-transparent handling, and low integrity of legal apparatus; second, the meaning of ad hoc deviates to a particular purpose, instead of <em>temporary</em> or <em>impermanent</em> as its juridical interpretation.</p> 2023-01-31T20:36:06+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of Leadership, Talent Management and Motivation Towards Employee Turnover Intention: A Study in Pt. Srirejeki Makmur Abadi 2023-02-04T09:50:28+00:00 Sitta Kusuma Hamidah Hamidah Indra Pahala <p style="text-align: justify;">This paper seeks to analyze the influence of leadership, talent management and work motivation on employee turnover intention in PT. Srirejeki Makmur Abadi. This is a quantitative descriptive research design using a survey method via a questionnaire. The population consist of PT. Sri Rejeki Makmur Abadi employees and sample collection was obtained by random sampling method. This study used a questionnaire with the type of instrument used for data collection based on a Likert scale, namely a scale that uses 5 respondents' answer choices. Processing of primary data acquired from research participants by employing SEM (Structural Equation Models). The results of the analysis show that Talent management has a positive and insignificant effect on turnover intention. Leadership has a negative and insignificant effect on talent management. Leadership has a negative and insignificant effect on turnover intention. Motivation has a positive and insignificant effect on talent management. Motivation has a negative and significant effect on turnover intention. Leadership has a negative and insignificant effect on turnover intention through talent management. Meanwhile, motivation has a positive and insignificant effect on turnver intention through talent management.</p> 2023-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##