Crime Against Ecological Environment - Air Pollution in Kosovo

  • Fjolla Elshani Student in LLM in Department of Criminal Law. Faculty of Law / UBT - Higher Education Institution, Pristina. Republic of Kosovo
Keywords: Crime; Environment; Surrounding; Ecology; Pollution; Air


The purpose of this paper is to address the problem of environmental pollution in the territory of Kosovo. Crime against the environment or ecological crime, or else known today as green crime, which refers to the study of environmental crimes and damage to the environment, specifically crime against the environment, deals with causes, consequences, environmental damage and reactions. Prevention of crime by the legislation of the Republic of Kosovo, administrative instructions, laws on inspection of premises, influential factors that cause pollution of the environment, reduction and prevention of crime which is the main step after green crime, is considered an illegal act, crime of green is a crime which has received special importance from all over the globe and ensuring the values of our society according to our laws in force where it is the obligation of every natural and legal person to maintain air quality to protect it from pollution caused by activities that are practiced in the territory of our country and this crime is being discussed increasingly every day and actions have been taken to prevent and decrease it. The matter of public awareness undoubtedly continues to be one of the most problematic issues in different countries, but also very disturbing for our country as well. The role of our criminal law in environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, given the need for approximation to be added to environmental law in the context of EU membership. The consolidation of administrative control capacities plays an important role in preventing and combating these criminal offenses, which are very necessary to ensure the effective implementation of the law. We are currently facing the phenomenon of environmental destruction and this issue is undoubtedly very worrying for our country, although most laws are aimed at prevention, but unfortunately this phenomenon doesn’t look as if was successful until now. Environmental crime is an act which violates the legal relationships established in the protection of the life of the individual and the environment, all of which are sanctioned by environmental criminal legislation. The main purpose of this paper is definitely the analysis, assessment and identification of problems are entirely related to environmental crime and environmental safety.


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