Gus Dur's Typology of Political Leadership

  • Dimas Pramodya Dwipayana PGRI Madiun University (UNIPMA) Madiun, Indonesia
  • Edison Hatoguan Manurung MPU Tantular University Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nanang Trihandoko Stikes Bhakti Husada Madiun, Indonesia
Keywords: Democracy; Religion; Leader Politics


Dr.  KH.  Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) is an Indonesian Muslim figure and a leader in politics who became the fourth president of Indonesia, with a term of office from 1999 to 2001. Gus Dur is known for his unique and phenomenal self, this can be proven by the fact that he spent approximately two years during  served as president Gus Dur was able to reshuffle more than 10 ministers who were in the ranks of his cabinet, some of these ministerial figures were also major figures from parties who were influential in politics at that time.  Gus Dur's sacrifice in the eyes of society turned out to be so great that it raised several questions from the people's point of view "What is a good type of leadership?"  and "Where is the policy given by Gus Dur?".  To answer these questions, a qualitative research approach is needed in order to be able to process data comprehensively regarding the typology of Gus Dur's political leadership. From this, it is concluded that the leadership typology of Gus Dur is a charismatic and transformational leader.

Author Biographies

Dimas Pramodya Dwipayana, PGRI Madiun University (UNIPMA) Madiun, Indonesia


Edison Hatoguan Manurung, MPU Tantular University Jakarta, Indonesia


Nanang Trihandoko, Stikes Bhakti Husada Madiun, Indonesia


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Dwipayana, D., Manurung, E., & Trihandoko, N. (2023). Gus Dur’s Typology of Political Leadership. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 6(1), 400-410.