A Review on Monbiot’s “Neoliberalism – The Ideology at the Root of All Our Problems”

  • Louvill Manangan Ozarraga Mindanao State University, Philippine
Keywords: Neoliberalism, Keynesianism, Ideology


George Monbiot is the author of the online publication "Neoliberalism - the ideology at the root of all our problems." He is a British author well-known for his political and environmental activism (The Guardian, 2021). In addition, he founded The Land is Ours, a movement in the United Kingdom that advocates for the right to access the countryside and its resources (Fox, 2011). The online journal discusses neoliberalism's anonymous characteristics, such as how it attempts to reshape human life and establish a world governed by competition. In addition, it also discusses the birth of neoliberalism and how it entered the mainstream. Furthermore, it broadcasts the guileful validation of neoliberal theorists in policymaking. The author explains how neoliberalism reduced the size and influence of the state and how it defined freedom in a discordant way. The author also discusses the diametrically opposed philosophies of Keynesianism and Neoliberalism. He posited that it is not enough to oppose a broken system; a coherent alternative system tailored to the demands of the 21st century has to be proposed. However, the author's suggestion to have an economic Apollo program—a new system tailored to the demands of the 21st century—is not an easy occupation.

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Ozarraga, L. (2023). A Review on Monbiot’s “Neoliberalism – The Ideology at the Root of All Our Problems”. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 6(1), 467-470. https://doi.org/10.47814/ijssrr.v6i1.848