Indigenous Plant-Derived Medical Applications for Primary Health Care

  • Sejabaledi A. Rankoana University of Limpopo, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Sovenga 0727, South Africa
Keywords: Indigenous Knowledge; Plant-Derived Medicine; Primary Health Care; Treatment of Disease


Traditional medicine is an important primary health care resource for many people and has been acknowledged as a necessary component of reaching universal health. The purpose of this research is to offer an overview of indigenous plant-derived medicinal applications administered to treat current human ailments. The data were collected via a mixed-methods research in four Bapedi communities in South Africa's Limpopo Province. The research documented six different techniques for administering indigenous plant-derived medications, including decoction, infusion, steam bath, incense, poultice, and powder. These uses are determined by the kind of plant material employed and the type of illness being treated. For instance, a leaf poultice is applied directly to wounds to promote healing, while decoctions and infusions of the root, bark, and bulb are used as purgatives and enemas to treat gastrointestinal diseases and as emetics to alleviate cough. Steam baths and incense inhalation increase sweat, which is beneficial in the treatment of fever and cough. The standard dose for decoctions and infusions is a teacup, but there are no accounts of particular dosages for poultices, steam, ash, burned root, or leaf sap. This research advises hastening the process of authenticating traditional medicine in order to assure optimal practices, such as accurate dosage uses for medications.


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