Academic Procrastination among Outstanding achievement and Non-Achieving Female University Students

  • Majed Saeed Aldalham Assistant Professor, Special Education Department, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Academic Procrastination; Outstanding Achieving Students; Non-Achieving Students; Educational Level


The purpose of this study was to assess the level of academic procrastination among university outstanding achievement and non-achieving students. The sample consisted of 256 students studying at the College of Education at King Khalid University, selected randomly, and the academic procrastination questionnaire was applied online. The results of this study indicated that the academic procrastination level of the outstanding and non-achieving university students was average. The results also revealed no statistically significant differences (α ≥ 0.05) due to the effect of academic achievement on academic procrastination. Also, there are no differences in academic procrastination due to the educational level, except for the negative perception of the instructor subscale that there were statistically significant differences in academic procrastination in favour of third and fourth-level students. In light of these results, the study emphasizes the necessity of counselling programs to reduce academic procrastination among female university students through strategies to increase self-confidence, educational effectiveness, responsibility, and stress coping strategies.

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Aldalham, M. S. (2022). Academic Procrastination among Outstanding achievement and Non-Achieving Female University Students. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 5(11), 251-260.