Developing Task-Based Listening-Speaking Materials for Students

  • Dian Nadia PhD Student, Faculty of Education studies, Brawijaya University, Indonesia
Keywords: Listening, Materials, Speaking


The objectives of this research were to describe the existing listening-speaking materials used in English for Nursing subject in nursing academy and to find out the feasibility of the developed listening-speaking materials for English for Nursing subject. This research belongs to Research and Development (R&D) study. The steps consisted of needs analysis, designing prototype, developing prototype, expert judgment, and try out. The data were gained through questionnaires, observation, and interviews. The results of this research were listening-speaking materials for nursing academy students with following characteristics: 1) it was developed based on students’ needs, 2) it was developed based on TBLT, 3) it contained tasks that enabled the students to learn and practise the language they need in their workplace, especially listening and speaking skills. The draft then was evaluated by ELT and subject experts. The appropriateness of materials was shown in the terms of materials, presentation, illustration, language, and graphic appropriateness. It achieved a final mean score of 3.81, which was in the range of 3.25 < x ≤ 4. After that, the material was tried-out to validate the feasibility. Finally, this material for nursing academy students is expected to meet the students’ needs in increasing their listening and speaking skills.


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