Nationalist Value on Civics Teaching Materials in Elementary School

  • Jamal Aziz School Teacher Education, University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Keywords: Nationality, Nasionalist, Civic


The past three years have witnessed a dramatic revitalization of civics education for use in schools. In this brief period, educators have participated in a major national inquiry into civics education, initiated a national curriculum materials project, commenced research to create a substantive teacher knowledge base, developed centers of civics education, and constructed programs for teacher preparation. While this revitalization is not yet well grounded in schools, the situation should change dramatically in the very near future. The structure of the administration of formal education varies widely among the surveyed jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, national curricula for primary and secondary education is prepared by a central authority that decides the format and content of civic education. Teaching materials is one of the spearheads for achievement integration objectives of character values in a subject. If depicted in a pattern, teaching materials load and interpret the character values in it as well, in this case specifically the character of nationalist, so the teachers will be easier in the development and implementation of the code on the self-learners, in addition to the teachers also develop through learning activities in the classroom. This research was conducted using qualitative methods such as analysis of documents. Source of data used to the non-random sampling technique and purposive sampling. Integration efforts characters nationalists in the description of the learning material Books Students Themes Indahnya Kebersamaan 4th grade curriculum in 2013 carried on: 1) a description, (eye catcher, illustrations), 2) a description of work instructions, 3) a description of exercises after the appearance of discourse and 4) description of evaluation at the end of lesson activities.


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