Principles Governing Personal and Social Relationships Affecting Spiritual Health in the Holy Quran

  • Narges Shekarbeygi Islamic Studies and Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences,Kermanshah, Iran
Keywords: Spiritual Health, Personal-Social Communication, Verbal Communication, Holy Quran


How people can influence others by the way they interact and communicate and be present. It has long been considered by sociologists and scientists such as Gabriel Tard, Jean Mason, etc .; Most of the interpersonal and social relationships of people in society with each other through verbal and non-verbal communication with each other, each of which has a special place in improving individual-social relationships. On the other hand, research shows that spiritual health and its related components have a direct role in improving the health process and people who have paid more attention to this dimension; They have had a healthier life. Familiarity with the effects of these relationships on interpersonal communication processes in issues such as counseling and psychology and often in the diagnosis of mental states, psychologists, and psychiatrists and behavioral disorders is of great importance. Since the Holy Qur'an attaches great importance to human beings and their place in society and interpersonal relations; Referring to the attributes and characteristics that are related to verbal communication, such as situationism, the art of good listening, prioritization, audience knowledge, and the practice of speech, encourages the speaker to engage in this type of behavior so that personal and social relationships are based on the Qur'an. Be healthy and productive.

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