Prospects for the Development of Dictionaries of Geological Terms and Their Features

  • Barno Toirkulovna Turdikulova Senior lecturer, Gulistan State University, Uzbekistan
  • Oybek Saporbaevich Akhmedov Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Uzbekistan State World Languages University, Uzbekistan
Keywords: Geological Terms; Terminology Dictionary; Phrase; Component; Multicomponent Terms; Professional Concept


Scientific terminology is one of the important layers that replenish the vocabulary of the Uzbek and other languages. When compiling scientific and technical terminological dictionaries, it is necessary to pay attention to its practical orientation. When translating an English term into Uzbek or Russian, one or more of its meanings are given. By location, the main word (by meaning) is given as the first word. The article defines and deals with analyzing some types of dictionaries. Dictionaries of geological terms are analyzed properly; their structure is also briefly described. As well as practical recommendations are given for teachers and lexicographers of the geological direction on working with a dictionary and on compiling a dictionary.


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