Making Anthroponyms from Nouns by Conversion Method

  • Shohjahon Dusmurodovich Karimov PhD Researcher, Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan
Keywords: Anthroponymization; Horse Appellation; Noun, Noun; Nomination; Derivation; Transformation; Transposition; Conversion; Appellation Lexicon; Motive; Transmonization; Lexical-Semantic Method


The article discusses the onomastic conversion (lexical-semantic method) - a nominal, i.e. functional transfer of words is a common phenomenon in the language, in which the transfer of a lexeme from one-word group to another word group, the transition of appellate lexicon to a noun without any constructive means. In language, the transition of words from one category to another is uninterrupted, because word groups themselves are not a phenomenon with a fixed boundary, as a result of the constant movement of language, words tend to move towards one lexical-grammatical category and perform their function. Language development occurs through events such as derivation, transformation, transposition, and conversion.


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