A Simple and Magical Equation of Happiness

  • Mohammed Bouasabah Research laboratory in Management Sciences of Organizations, National School of Business and Management, Business and Management Department, Ibn Tofail university, Kenitra, Morocco
Keywords: Happiness; Mathematical Equation of Happiness


Several literary and scientific works have been done to give a meaning to happiness. Through this work, we will try to give a mathematical approach of happiness using a simple equation. we will elaborate a very simple mathematical model which gives to every person who seeks happiness the recipe and the method to follow. The variables of this equation are sets composed of elements that differ from one individual to another, in other words we will consider each set as a portfolio whose constituents are the elements that make the individual happy. Thanks to our equation, we could know the content of each portfolio to have a maximum of happiness.

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Bouasabah, M. (2022). A Simple and Magical Equation of Happiness. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 5(5), 307-309. https://doi.org/10.47814/ijssrr.v5i5.251