Intersectional Insights into Hosting Frameworks for Refugee Women in Canada

Keywords: Refugee Women; Hosting Frameworks; Intersectionality; Gender-Informed Policies; Canada


This review investigates the complexities of hosting frameworks for refugee women in Canada, emphasizing the need for policies and practices that are both intersectional and gender informed. It aims to highlight the existing gaps in the literature and policy regarding the hosting of refugee women, particularly homestay hosting frameworks and how these frameworks address or fail to address the unique challenges faced by this group. The review synthesizes information from a wide range of sources, including governmental reports, academic studies, and humanitarian organization publications. It applies an intersectional analysis to examine how various factors such as gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status influence the experiences of refugee women in hosting situations. The focus is on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of current hosting practices and policies from a gendered perspective. The review reveals that existing hosting frameworks frequently fail to fully grasp the unique gender-specific challenges faced by refugee women, resulting in policies that do not provide adequate support or inclusivity. Key shortcomings include the under representation of women in policy development, inadequate gender-sensitive training for host families, and a dearth of measures to tackle specific vulnerabilities like gender-based violence and discrimination. The findings highlight the urgent need to embed gender and intersectionality more thoroughly in the creation and execution of hosting policies and frameworks to enhance the integration and welfare of refugee women. To effectively support refugee women, it is essential to create hosting frameworks that address their specific needs and recognize them as active participants rather than passive aid recipients. Policymakers and practitioners need to adopt holistic and inclusive strategies to enhance the effectiveness of these frameworks, ensuring the dignity and security of refugee women.

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Al-Hamad, A., & Yasin, Y. M. (2024). Intersectional Insights into Hosting Frameworks for Refugee Women in Canada. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 7(6), 215-226.

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