Navigating Waves of Innovation: Unveiling Female Entrepreneurship in Coastal Marine Tourism

  • Faiza Kiran Department of Logistics Management, National University of Science and Technology, 322, Sohar, Oman
Keywords: Gender Inclusive-Entrepreneurship;Female Entrepreneur;Marine Tourism;Nvivo; Innovative Solutions


In order to better understand the complicated dynamics of female entrepreneurship in the sector of marine tourism along coasts, this study conducted a qualitative analysis. The primary objective was to comprehensively investigate the challenges, opportunities, and cutting-edge approaches that characterise this vast industry. The study challenge was to sort through the complexities of female entrepreneurship in coastal tourism. The goal was to increase awareness of the significant role that women entrepreneurs play, the challenges they face, and the innovative solutions they employ to thrive in this competitive market. Ten relevant papers' excerpts were utilised in a qualitative analysis. These extracts were extensively examined using NVivo software, a powerful tool that promoted in-depth study and learning. There were several studies carried out, including cluster analysis, word frequency analyses, tree maps, hierarchy charts, and word clouds. The results of the comprehensive qualitative study revealed key conclusions. Words like "women," "tourism," "social," and "family" were frequently used, emphasising the vital role that women play in coastal enterprise and the intricate interaction of social forces. Using the words "lack," "support," and "opportunities" emphasised the challenges and possibilities experienced by female maritime tourism enterprises. The qualitative research as a consequence provided significant fresh views on the complicated world of female enterprise in coastal tourism. It gave a framework for understanding the complexities of this sector and the strategies employed by women to innovate and be successful. These results open the way for future research and efforts targeted at encouraging gender-inclusive entrepreneurship in coastal areas and help us understand the possibilities and difficulties faced by female entrepreneurs better.


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Kiran, F. (2024). Navigating Waves of Innovation: Unveiling Female Entrepreneurship in Coastal Marine Tourism. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 7(2), 65-79.