The Onomastic Significance of the Name ‘Nomeva’ in S. A. Dazela’s Izono Zakho Ziya Kukujikela

  • Zilibele Mtumane Department of African Languages, Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa
Keywords: Onomastics; Nomeva; Dazela; Izono Zakho Ziya Kukujikela


This paper analyses the significance of the name ‘Nomeva’, which belongs to a character in S. A. Dazela’s novel Izono Zakho Ziya Kukujikela. The meaning of the name and its derivation are commented on. The insects associated with this name, especially the wasp and its behavior, are illustrated in the paper. The role played by the character, who is the bearer of this label, as association with the behaviour of the wasp, is discussed. It is then concluded whether the character acts according to this name or not in the narrative. Incidents, where the behaviour of the character resembles that of the wasp, are pointed out and commented on. Subtopics of this article are introduction, literature review, analysis, and conclusion. The conclusion of the paper provides its summary and evaluation, commenting on Dazela’s success in the use of the name in her novel.

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