Indonesian Defense Industry Development Strategy as Responses of Cyber Threat to Support State Defense

  • Rustandi Wiramanggala Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
  • Khaerudin Khaerudin Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
  • Aries Sudiarso Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
Keywords: Cyber Threat, Indonesian Defense Industry, Development Strategy, State Defense


The condition of the Indonesian defense industry still has many shortcomings, but with the passage of time and a very dynamic strategic environment, the spectrum of threats is rapidly changing. Currently, where the development of information and communication technology is accelerating, cyber threats are the most dangerous threat, as well as for the Indonesian defense industry. Thus, Indonesia must determine attitudes and strategies in developing the defense industry in responding to cyber threats in order to support national defense. This study uses a qualitative method with a literature study approach. The theoretical framework in this research is the theory of development strategy, and the concept of cyber threats. The purpose of the defense industry development strategy in response to cyber threats is to find out the best efforts made by Indonesia using SWOT analysis. It was found that the best strategy in building Indonesian defense industry in responding to cyber threats is the development of the quality of Human Resources and an increase in the budget for research and development of defense industry and technology. This is because some of the obstacles faced are (1) the weak understanding of state administrators related to the cyberspace, and the weak competence of human resources related to soft skills that must be possessed, (2) the weak legal umbrella in handling attacks in the cyberspace. (3) the weakness of the research and development department of the Indonesian defense industry (4) the weakness of the industry in producing and developing hardware with information technology.


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