The Factors That Impact Negatively on Municipal Service Delivery and the Mechanisms That Must Be Adopted to Enhance the Provision of Services in South Africa

  • M.M. Selepe Department of Public Administration, University of Limpopo, South Africa
Keywords: Service Delivery; Municipalities; Community; Local government; Strategy; Mechanisms


The study examines the factors that negatively impact the provision of municipal services and possible mechanisms that will address the current situation. The study’s main objective is to identify mechanisms that will bring transformation in terms of inadequate provision of municipal services. Secondly, the objective of the study is to determine the strategies that can be adopted to improve service delivery. The study adopted qualitative research methodology with specific reference to a conceptual approach relying heavily on secondary data. Municipalities in their capacity as the third and lowest sphere of government and the one that functions closest to local communities who are the primary stakeholders of the municipalities, have often been described as comprising the sphere of government that is tasked mainly with the development and provision of services to communities. In terms of the South African local government legislative framework, it is mandatory for municipalities to provide services to communities. It is evident that the local municipalities play a pivotal role in community development and ensuring that basic services are rendered to the communities. However, in recent years, municipalities, particularly in South Africa have been heavily criticised for poor service delivery and in some instances non provision of services. The study explores the decentralised service delivery model and its challenges. The study concludes by exposing the factors that affect service delivery and the mechanisms to address the current service delivery crisis.


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