Competition Integration Strategies and Irregular Wars to Support National Security

  • Hasto Kristiyanto Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
  • Pujo Widodo Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
  • Resmanto Widodo Putro Indonesian Defense University, Indonesia
Keywords: Competition, Defense Strategy, Irregular Warfare and National Security


The development of irregular warfare and various phenomena of post-modern warfare increasingly make war strategies develop dynamically and adaptively. Strategy is no longer used as a tool to win wars like in the traditional era but is more directed towards how to maintain space security or security. In addition, threats are also growing rapidly and extraordinary in line with the rapid development of science and technology so that the study of strategy itself must also be adaptive and dynamic. This study uses a qualitative approach by using a literature study. The results of the study prove that to deal with this, the government needs to integrate between actors competing in irregular wars to support national security. The government must also take firm and bold steps to make 'peace' with non-state actors.

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Kristiyanto, H., Widodo, P., & Widodo Putro, R. (2021). Competition Integration Strategies and Irregular Wars to Support National Security. International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, 4(4), 31-39.