Communication Channels within the Municipality Stakeholder Relations: A Case Study of Rustenburg Local Municipality and the Royal Bafokeng Nation

  • M.M. Selepe Department of Public Administration & Management, University of Limpopo, South Africa
Keywords: Governance; Stakeholder Relations; Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation; Royal Bafokeng Nation; Rustenburg Local Municipality


This article examines the variety of communication channels and processes for stakeholder relations adopted by the Rustenburg Municipality in order to ensure that there is synergy between the Municipal Council and The Royal Bafokeng Nation. It is the responsibility of the Municipalities to ensure stakeholder engagement and the article outlines how the relationships with these different stakeholders can be managed. In terms of stakeholder relations the community is the primary stakeholder of the municipality. In many cases managing stakeholder relations involves consultation, negotiations and it always involves communication. The Royal Bafokeng Nation is future-oriented and has expanded its horizons and aligned its traditional approach to a corporate approach. The notion of public administration is central to municipal governance and stakeholder relations. Despite the opportunities that have been created for stakeholder relations in municipalities, the article argues that, Traditional leaders still have less influence in municipal governing policies and policy-making processes than the municipal structures. It is evident that there is no synergy between some of the municipalities and various traditional leadership institutions. This article will adopt a conceptual approach to analyse the communication channels for stakeholders within the municipality stakeholder relations. The article will conclude by outlining and suggesting the stakeholder relations process, communication and negotiation plan that must be adopted by local government in South Africa.


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