The Majority Is Always in the Wrong

  • Subhendu Das 24300 Abbeywood Drive, Los Angeles, 91307, USA
Keywords: Destiny; Eternal Recurrence; Yuga Theory; Truths; Memory; Knowledge; Yogic Power; Democracy; God; History


(A) The title of this article is taken from the Note Book of Mark Twain (1835-1910), an American writer. There are actually many well known philosophers, academicians, and politicians in the western world, who also have said very similar statements, and we will mention some of them in this article. Our objective in this article is to find out how these various intellectuals arrive at this similar conclusion. Therefore this is a multidisciplinary research and review paper. It tries to minimize discussions on truths, also mathematics will be avoided to reach a broader community, and it presents mostly about the falsehoods as the title suggests.  (B) Our approach has two major principles. First one is that if there are assumptions behind any subject and those assumptions have not been verified then that subject must be wrong. All the results of that subject are nothing but only assumptions. The second one is that no engineering experiment can verify any results. This is so because any engineering experiment will automatically reject all assumptions, as engineering is nothing but nature only. Thus even if the results of the experiments match the results of the theories they still cannot be trusted, because the theories are invalid without their assumptions. (C) Destiny law says that the universe is periodic. Our history shows that there are many small and large periodic time cycles of events on earth. Yuga theory is one of the larger periodic laws. There are four Yugas: Sattya, Treta, Dwapar, and Kali. In the western world these are known as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron ages respectively. Sattya Yuga is the longest: 1,728,000 years and starts with 100% truth. Kali Yuga is the shortest: 432,000 years and starts with only 25% truth. We are in the Kali Yuga now, and it started about 10-30 thousand years back. That is the modern estimate of the end of the Mahabharat war. After Kali, Sattya will start again, says Mahabharat, with 100% truth and the four-Yuga cycle will begin. Thus at one time our earth had all the truths that we can think of, but now they are going down. UFO-ETs are probably from the planets which are now in their Sattya Yuga or at least not in their Kali Yuga. The Yuga theory is described both in the Vedas and in the Bible. (D) There may be many other reasons, that these philosophers knew, which helped them to create such wisdom for us to consider, evaluate, and learn. In this article we will try to identify such philosophies to defend the title message. Who or what is responsible, for this dismal state of the earth? The fact is nobody, not even the destiny, is responsible. Universe is deterministic. Moment by moment everything is precisely planned and predictable. Therefore God does not have any role in the universe and in our lives. God cannot be predictable by humans. Birth-death-wait- and then reincarnate is the only law of nature for everything, from micro to the universe. The death means deterioration of everything. This is how the universe is designed, and this periodicity is going on for eternity. A careful observation of a single individual human life will convince you about this universal phenomenon.

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